How it Works

What to Expect at a Baton Rouge Food Swap

What to Bring
If you can grow it, bottle it, cook it, forage it, bake it, craft it – you can swap it! Bring edibles or any home/bath/craft creations made from scratch, by you. Anything goes as long as it is made or grown by you. A list of ideas is posted on our FAQs page.

How Much to Bring
Bring enough to swap with at least 5 people. It is up to you if you want to bring 5 of the same thing or several different types of things. Remember, our swaps are item-for-item, so if you want to try 15 different things from the swap, show up with 15 items to trade. (Food items and craft items can be inter-swapped!) Of course, you can break this down into 5 each of 3 different items, or however you like. More details are posted on our FAQs page.

Keep in mind that swappers will be examining and picking up your goods, so be sure to package them in a way that protects the food and makes it clear the amounts you want to swap. We encourage reusable, earth-friendly packaging whenever possible. Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of time decorating or composing fancy packaging (unless you wanna).

It’s also a great idea to bring enough for samples so others can taste your item before making the decision to trade. Be prepared to provide a list of ingredients in case of food allergies.

At the Swap
Swaps will last about two hours. The first 30 minutes of the swap are devoted to sign-in, set-up, and greetings. Swappers fill out name tags and swap sheets and set up their wares on the tables. The next 30 minutes to 1 hour are for everyone to walk around, examine, and sample items from the other swappers. Swappers will write their names and items they brought on the swap sheets for any items they would like to take home. The final 30 minutes are when all the swapping actually happens. Everyone goes back to his or her original sheets of paper, looks at the offers, finds interested offerers via their name tags, and swaps.

Print your own Swap Sheet!

Take Home Your Bounty
Now you have unique homemade goods to bring home and experiment with! Bring a tote bag or recycled grocery bag to bring home the items you swap for at the end of the event. Enjoy and use them for inspiration for what you’ll bring to the next swap!

Oh, and also
This is a first for the Baton Rouge Community – so as we meet and grow, the swaps may take a life of their own. Help shape the swap format by making suggestions and thinking of ways this group can benefit our community at large.